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About Larry Kaufman

Larry Kaufman has practiced integrative bodywork for more than 30 years. He holds Basic and Advanced certifications from the Rolf Institute in Boulder, Colorado, as well as a degree in psychology from Antioch College. As a “second generation” practitioner of Dr. Ida Rolf’s method of Structural Integration, Larry has developed his own interpretation of the work. Much like a martial artist must leave his sensei’s dojo to let his own style emerge, Larry has developed a unique perspective of this work. He blends classical SI techniques with understandings from process-oriented and developmental psychology, Chinese medicine, restorative physical therapy and movement dynamics.

A former professional river guide, Larry has synthesized his intimate understanding of the forces of nature and the movement in our bodies. The best river guides, he points out, don’t see the rocks – they see where the river wants to go and place themselves in that line of intention. Larry sees a similar line of intention – a “main current” or “line of motion” – flowing in a vertical pathway through the body. He uses that current as an organizing principle to navigate through the twists and blocks in the body resulting from trauma, disease, repetitive motion and stress. Learning to feel motion through the body like the current on a river – or blocks to the motion like rocks and obstacles – is the single most powerful awareness Larry offers his students. That perceptiveness coupled with Dr. Rolf’s bio-mechanical insights is what makes Larry’s school of Structural Integration so powerful.

Larry is the Founder and Director of the Northwest Center for Structural Integration in Portland, Oregon. Larry maintains two private practices in Portland, Oregon at New Heights Integrative Therapy and Grain Integrative Health. He teaches a broad array of classes and seminars in the Northwest and is currently expanding his teaching seminars in magical Yelapa, Mexico in 2012.

UNWINDING THE CORE with Larry Kaufman

This four-day workshop focuses on facilitating the transfer of motion through the body’s vertical center. In this workshop we will shift our working focus from the release and remobilization of the body’s structural components to supporting the transfer of motion through the core. Moving beyond typical compartmentalization of myofascial release, students will work to unwind each other’s core and develop the skills to effectively work with clients in creating integrated flow through the body’s vertical center. Students will explore the body’s primary motion of the maxilla/sphenoid, thoracic/spine and pelvis/sacrum while working to ease rotation and torsion. This class is ideal for students who have a basic working knowledge of structural integration and wish to infuse motion into their work with clients.

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